Are your kids playing GTA 5?

Christian parents – do you know what your kids are playing on their PS3 or Xbox? Take a gander at this.

Language warning – F word, etc. Do not watch this in front of kids.

The creators of this game claim this is “Pot Head Jesse” but it’s clearly NOT. He came from the stump of Jesse – very clever of them. Listen to his “message.” I don’t know about the creators being “Illuminate satan worshippers” or whatever the narrator says at first, but they’re surely mocking the Lord.

I am sure there will be folks who will say “But we don’t know what Jesus looked like!”

If I gave you a still of this guy’s face, who would you guess it was?

Is this Christianity being attacked?  Yeah.  But we don’t have to let it get us in a snit, not if we refuse to play the game, and I mean that as a double entendre.  Christianity is always being attacked, Jesus is hated on earth, the devil controls this world right now so obviously Jesus isn’t going to be the most popular guy here.  He’s getting his head metaphorically dunked in the jr. high toilet every chance satan gets in order to try and humiliate him.  TRY.  But really, it doesn’t work.  I find this offensive, sure, but I know the end game so this is small beans.  There will be a reckoning.

I write this as a warning to parents who may have kids (or parents themselves) who play games like GTA5.  Heck, I bought GTA Vice City the weekend it came out in 2002 and Dave had a GTA collection when we got married, but neither of us play them anymore so I fall into this category.  I want parents to be aware of what their kids are SEEING when they play these games.  It’s not just violence, gore, sexual banter between characters and random killings.  It’s moved on further, it’s darker and more evil.  It’s mockery of the LORD.

Please think twice before you allow your teen to play video games.  Who would think something like this would appear in a game riddled with violence and prostitutes with their boobs hanging out?  But yet, it’s there.

Be aware.

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