Getting All Up In Your Prayer Life

If someone says “I need prayers” or “Please pray” on some social media outlet and you type “Praying for you…” do you do it?

I fully expect a chorus of guilty people hollering “Naw,…”

I admit, I have typed it a lot and then forgotten to do it – many times over. So I’ve started typing it and then STOPPED what I’m doing and prayed. No long, elaborate prayer is needed, one of my sweet friends taught me this. Just a simple prayer based on the person’s request.  Some people I pray for I don’t even really know so I’ve got to follow the rule of “KISS” (keep it simple, snapperhead).  I can’t use the regular word because Henry reads this and he’ll be like, “You said ‘STUPID!’ and then I have to explain how it’s an expression.  So my kids are going to grow up with some weird takes on familiar expressions until a peer corrects it.

But back to the topic at hand, it’s a lot easier to do early in the morning if you’re alone or at night as long as you don’t fall asleep while praying.  I’m guilty of that too, I’m probably the only person with a drool-stained Bible that’s not in seminary.

This “I’ll pray for you,” deal was something that was on my mind, I’m not trying to holy roll you, I’ve just felt guilty for saying I would and then not doing it and I thought “Hey, maybe someone else has had the same feelings,” so I wrote this out. Plus I can’t skate or use a rolling-pin for anything other than, well…okay, I have to go pray again now.

As an aside, as I was praying for my last friend, I extended my hand over to Sarah and asked God to heal her from this horrible cold she has going on.  The prayer went something like this:

“…and Father, please heal Sarah from her cold…”

*lays hand on Sarah’s head, she immediately swats it off*

“…because she is miserable and is in need of your tender touch and comfort…”

*moves hand down to her arm, is immediately swatted off there too*

“…as she has struggled all week and hasn’t gotten much sleep…”

*moves hand to leg and it’s slapped away*

mental dialogue: “Okay, so you’re a Presbyterian and taking that “frozen chosen” nickname literally, which is an outdated stereotype.  But fine.  No laying of hands.  I’ll keep my Baptist to myself.

“…and I pray she is restored to health soon in your Son’s Mighty and Powerful Name.”

Side note:  she’s sleeping peacefully on the couch now.  :)

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