About Our Family

We are “fabulous” if you ask our four-year-old.  Everything is “fabulous,” and “awesome.”  Our house consists of socks hiding in every corner, the origin of which is suspect and I’ve yet to find out how they manage to crawl there on their own.  My Little Pony reigns supreme, and is also scattered all about, ponies rule the day.

Little did we know, ten years ago, that our house would be overrun with various items that hold no meaning to us, but are precious to their various owners.  I am terrified of clutter, but I’ve learned to cope with it, somewhat.  As my friend said, “Welcome to your stained-Ikea-couch home.”  Fortunately, my husband takes the mess in stride.  Bless him.

As most know, we have two boys who are both approaching 10, and a little girl who will be in school soon.  What will I do??  I’ll be home alone!  Wait..

We are former homeschoolers turned public-schoolers.  I still struggle with this some days.  I feel guilt,  I am not sure why.  They’re doing fine, more-or-less.  I miss them.   I miss the unity it seemed to provide our family, I suppose.  We had a rocky year in 2015 and this blog died, but I am resurrecting it in the hope that 2016 provides a fresh start, and the kids deserve their happy memories documented.

With that said, let the documentation of rogue socks, Minecraft castles and fields of lava, block houses, My Little Pony pool parties, pink dresses and plastic high heels begin.