New and Improved with 50% more…uh

New and Improved with 50% more…uh

I  haven’t written in a loooong time.  I know everyone has been on tenterhooks just dying to see what’s been going on.  Let me see…

  • laundry
  • laundry
  • dishes
  • laundry
  • homework
  • laundry
  • laundry

That kind of sums it up.  If you’re wondering where and why there are no old entries, I urge you to read the menu at the top that says “Why the new blog?”  That explains everything.

A funny!

Last night Rhys was playing Minecraft with Sarah.  Needless to say, he’s a tad better than she is at the game.  Poor Sarah.  Her character was  just standing there, trying to walk around and Rhys started digging a hole.  Guess who fell in?  Yes.  Poor, inept Sarah.  Then he buried her alive.  THEN he built a box over her with regular blocks, then added some obsidian.

Rhys:  HAHAHAHA!!!!

Sarah:  Daddy!  Rhys is burying me!  Help!!  I can’t get out!!

Henry:  Dad, turn into a creeper and you can get out!

Dave:  I’m trying but…

Xbox Screen: You cannot use evil in peaceful mode.

You cannot use evil in peaceful mode.


Sarah:  Hysterical crying.

Rhys:  And NOW for some LAVA!!!

The box starts overflowing with lava and pigs and sheep start burning to death because they’re too stupid to stay away.

Me:  (hiding behind a pillow because I’m giggling like an idiot)

Sarah:  HELP ME!!!  I’m dying!  Rhys you are SO MEAN!!!

Rhys:  evil laughter

Henry:  Rhys!  That is not funny!  Mom is laughing!  Mom, why are you laughing?  (joins in laughing)

Dave:  Sarah, I got you out.

Xbox Screen:  (Sarah) YOU DIED!  Respawn in 5 seconds.

Rhys:  I put her in survival, hahahah!!!


Dave:  Turns off the Xbox.

And that was that.  The lesson here?  Never play Minecraft with Rhys.  He plays to win, at any cost and it’s not even a game about winning.  He’s going to cut someone’s hand off the next time they play chess, mark my words.